Del Rio TX

Well we are here in Del Rio TX for a few days to enjoy time with our oldest son as he gets his pilot wings. Dad is out playing golf with him on the base course and I’m here in the hotel, with my music playing and learning how to use the blog šŸ˜‰

We had a wonderful drive up here on the first day. It was amazing and even though I fought with the Lord about getting up at 4:00am, it worked out just fine. We actually made it to the hotel in Lordsville in 8 hours- 600 miles. Had an awesome hotel room, that you just felt like you were at home and we enjoyed the hot-tub and had a great night sleep. Back on the road the next day, a little later and did the next 600 miles in about 8 hours also.Ā 

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Saturday March 3rd

Gee, time is flying by and I’m still trying to get the hang of this. I’m very excited about learning new things ranging from learning how to use WordPress to learning how to really get going in AdzZoo to most importantly, learning the eternal truths from the Bible. Those truths will establish your footsteps and give you peace regardless of your circumstances. Life can change in an instant, but God’s Word is constant and always true- it does not change and you can and should rest your life and future on those Words of life. I have gone through life changing events, some good and some the world would consider bad- I consider them all as testing, trying and making sure my faith is sure, unshakable and proven in the power of Christ.

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Hello world!

The best way to learn a new process is to just jump in and start doing it and learn. Read the material as you are processing and doing the new trade, so that is what we are doing here. As our world continues to speed up with it’s thirst for immediate information, it is time for this Ā “Mom” to learn how to blog so I can have another tool for earning. If I were a real cook, I would look at it like learning new recipes, to me, it is learning how to use new tools so I can build, add assets to my earningĀ capabilities.

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